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Appointment Policies

General Policies

Students may schedule up to 2 appointments per day. Appointments cannot be scheduled back-to-back.

Students may schedule up to 4 appointments per week.

Students are expected to participate in the session. Sessions are designed to engage students in active discussions about their writing; we are neither an editing nor a drop-off service.

Late Policy

In order to best support all students, all appointments will be marked as missed after 10 minutes and made available for other students. Appointments marked as missed for tardiness count towards blocked accounts (see Cancellation Policy). 

Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel appointments up to 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment online or in person.

Students who miss three (3) scheduled appointments without notifying the Writing Center will be blocked from making new appointments. To reactivate an account, please contact Erin Goldin, University Writing Center Director (