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Inclusivity Statement

As writing consultants at an institution with a diverse student population, we collaborated on creating an inclusivity statement for the University Writing Center (UWC) to demonstrate our values. An inclusivity statement establishes the UWC’s commitment to building the relationship between students and the writing center. We believe it is important to incorporate inclusivity into our tutoring and writing practices to ensure a brave and diverse space for all. 

We strive to cultivate all writers’ perspectives without judgment by:  

  • Empathizing and listening to fellow writers through welcoming and open conversation. 
  • Providing a comfortable and secure environment for all writers.
  • Celebrating unique thinkers and different opinions from the full spectrum of humanity.

We will continuously reflect on our practices and hold ourselves and our biases accountable by:

  • Staying aware of current social issues and their intersections with UWC research.
  • Empowering students’ sociocultural identities and belief systems.
  • Remaining open to and encouraging student feedback.

We, at the UWC, aim to welcome students from all disciplines by:

  • Sharing common ground with students to acknowledge our shared identities.
  • Incorporating flexible writing strategies into our sessions that can be applied to all writing from all disciplines.
  • Emphasizing outreach to all disciplines.

We are committed to creating a brave space for all writers by:

  • Embracing students from various backgrounds.
  • Supporting student development for all writers regardless of their perspectives.
  • Respecting student choices and freedom with regard to their writing.

We acknowledge and advocate for students’ right to use their own languages and dialects by:

  • Hiring multilingual and multicultural consultants.
  • Engaging in professional development based on anti-racist pedagogies and scholarship.
  • Incorporating linguistically diverse tutoring practices. 

Authors and Contributors

Liliana Silva-Vazquez (Class of 2022), Brandon Rodriguez (Class of 2022), Noemy Campos (Class of 2022), Kiana Hugins (Class of 2022), Genoveva Vega (Class of 2023), Ashley Corona (Class of 2023), Cesar Cuevas (Class of 2023), Evelyn Roque (Class of 2024).