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Meet the UWC Team

portrait of Abe
Name: Abe
Major: English
Abe is a fourth-year English major. He was born and raised in San Francisco. He enjoys watching movies, cooking, and having insightful conversations. He wants to pursue a career in creative writing. While at the Writing Center, he hopes to guide students to organize their thoughts and ideas effectively. Since he is well versed in writing, he specializes in developing successful theses and organized research topics. He is looking forward to help students in any stage of the writing process.
portrait of Adriana
Name: Adriana
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish
Adriana is a third year Psychology major with a Spanish minor and is from sunny Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys critical thinking to understand the relationship between reading, writing, and academic research. While at the Writing Center, Adriana wishes to create a learning environment in which each student can improve upon their writing skills and creativity as authors. She is determined to make each tutoring session a positive experience by engaging in effective communication with her peers and helping them develop their voice as writers.


portrait of Daniel
Name: Daniel
Major: English
Minor: Writing
I am a 4th year English Major and Writing Minor. I am from Los Angeles, California. I have a passion for teaching and working with fellow students. Eventually I would like to become a writing professor. What I find most enticing about being a consultant is the one on one time you facilitate with students. I look forward to assisting you with your writing ventures.
portrait of Esther
Name: Esther
Major: English
Minor: Writing
Esther is a third-year English major with a minor in Writing. She is from Bakersfield, California. She enjoys playing guitar, reading interesting literature, and playing with her cat whenever she goes home. She wants to pursue a career in publication and journalism. While at the Writing Center, she hopes to encourage students who are struggling with writing and build them into becoming stronger writers with good writing habits.
portrait of Evelyn
Name: Evelyn
Major: Psychology
Minor: Creative Writing
My name is Evelyn Rodarte, and I am a third year Psychology major with a minor in Creative Writing. I am from Koreatown, Los Angeles and I really enjoy exploring and going on adventures. During my first year at UC Merced I really took advantage of the Writing Center and found it to be an extremely beneficial resource. I am looking forward to collaborating with students and ultimately help them find their voice in writing. As the novelist C.S Lewis said “You can make anything by writing.”
portrait of Imelda
Name: Imelda
Major: Psychology
Imelda is a fourth-year Psychology major, from beautiful Los Angeles, California. Imelda has experience with academic research writing, APA format, literature reviews. She is also good at providing strategies such as organizing and creating outlines. Working at the Writing Center Imelda hopes to create a comfortable environment where any student can feel safe and welcomed to improve their writing skills. Imelda’s favorite color is burgundy, she is outgoing and loves to watch medical shows.
portrait of Jessica
Name: Jessica
Major: Psychology
Jessica Chapman is a third-year psychology major and was born and raised in San Diego, California. Jessica is ready to help the aspiring student author reach their fullest potential within the literary world as well as assist with the everyday college writing assignment. Jessica believes that writing is an essential tool in explaining exciting ideas as well as a crucial part of everyday life. Writing is very special to Jessica and she can’t wait to assist you in creating and inspiring others. “Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.” —Larry L. King
portrait of Karla
Name: Karla
Major: English
I am 21 years old currently majoring in English and obtaining a minor in creative writing. I have taken various English and Writing courses. Also, I have taken psychology and research courses in writing. I love to nerd out on books, anime, and of course writing (any type). I always look forward to helping and guiding others.
portrait of Matthew
Name: Matthew
Major: Psychology
Minor: Writing & Sociology
Matthew is a third-year psychology major with minors in writing and sociology. He was born and raised in San Bruno, California. Being of Chinese-Chamorro descent, Matthew has used writing as a platform to communicate his unique perspective. He looks forward to supporting his peers as they share their diverse perspectives and express their ideas through writing.
portrait of Omar
Name: Omar
Major: Political Science
Minor: Anthropology
Omar is a 4th year Political Science major with a minor in Anthropology. Born in San Jose, California and raised in Manteca, California. Omar enjoys long walks on the beach while discussing the faults in the American political system. He looks forward to helping his fellow UC Merced student excel academically. Omar believes that writing is a crucial skill in the process of developing into a professional. “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”- Malcolm X
portrait of Pat
Name: Pat
Major: Cognitive Science
Minor: Writing
Pat is a fourth-year Cognitive Science major with a minor in Writing Studies. At the Writing Center, they like to dive into mind-boggling topics and assist students with their writing process. Pat hopes to motivate fellow students to keep writing. In their natural habitat, Pat likes to play & develop video games, create digital designs, and read & write anything. (They also like to look out the window.)


portrait of Wendy
Name: Wendy
Major: English
Minor: Writing
Wendy is a fourth-year English major and writing minor from Farmersville, California. As a writing consultant, Wendy hopes to introduce students to new techniques they can apply to their writing processes and which will help them discover their own writing styles. She plans on pursuing a career in teaching after college and looks forward to getting as much experience at the Writing Center as possible. During her free time, Wendy enjoys reading, sleeping, and listening to music.
portrait of Erin
Name: Erin Goldin
University Writing Center Director